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  Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SZMC”) was founded in July 31, 1998 and formerly known as Shenzhen Metro Co., Ltd. This name of SZMC is has been used since 2009. As a large-scaled and fully state-owned enterprise to operate as authorized by Shenzhen State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Shenzhen Municipal Government, SZMC is undertaking the task Shenzhen urban rail transit’s investment and fund-raising, building and operating as well as the state-owned assets’ value-keeping and value-adding. The business scope involves construction and operation, development and comprehensive utilization of urban rail transit projects, investment and development in industries, domestic commerce, materials supply and sale, advertising service, self-owned properties management, and rail-transit-related services of design, consultancy, educational training, etc. Now SZMC has formed a "four in one" business chain, namely incorporating investment and fund-raising, construction project control, metro operation services, and property and resources development in one group company. At the end of June, 2014, SZMC’s registered capital reached RMB¥24 billions, and its total assets is RMB¥156.7 billions and net assets is RMB¥70.7 billions. The assets liability is 54.9%.”The number of employees is over 10,000.

  Currently, SZMC is in charge of operating metro Line 1, 2, 3 and 5, totaling 158km long that were completed as Phase 1 & 2 projects. In 2013, the daily passenger ridership is 2.128 millions and the annual passenger flow is over 777 millions. Meantime, SZMC is responsible for building Line 7, 9 and 11 among Phase 3 Metro Project, for major transport hubs like QianHai Transport Hub, CheGongMiao Transport Hub, etc., for municipal roads in vicinity of metro works, and other ancillary works while SZMC is speeding up all preparatory jobs for the rest Line 6, 8 and 10 of Phase 3 Project. Besides SZMC also plays the role of investor representative for Shenzhen municipal government in 2 national railways of GZ-SZ-HK and Xiamen Shenzhen. It is actively taking the social responsibility to build 1.25 million m2 affordable housing.

  According to the “build metro, build city” concept, SZMC innovatively established “metro + property” development pattern. On one side, making full use of metro’s overhead space regenerates land resource, on the other side, appreciation benefit of metro’s overhead and along-route properties repays rail transit project and metro operation so that sustainable development of rail transit has been realized. In 2013, SZMC’s 1st commercial property “ShanHaiJing” (meaning residence in views of sea and hills) was put in market and achieved sales off to a good start. As of the end of the 1st quarter 2014, the constructed area of SZMC’s property development under construction reached 700,000m2. Besides, there are business works of advertisement resource along metro route, commercial resource at metro stations, telecom resource, etc. as well as property management along metro routes and at rail transit hubs.

  In 2013, Shenzhen North Station Integrated Transportation Hub was honored to have the national “LuBan Award”; the projects of Shenzhen North Station Integrated Transportation Hub and Metro Line 3 were both honored to obtain the national top-level “Zhan Tianyou Award” of infrastructure construction sector; the metro operation sub-company was awarded the annual Mayor’s Prize on Quality; and Class-2 Innovation Award of the 23rd Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Management Modernization were given to SZMC’s 5 research works, namely Establishing Metro’s BT Investment & Financing Project Pattern, Establishing System Platform for Operation & Production Information Management, Long & Short Routing Train Traffic Organization, Crew Management And Practice in IT-based Metro Operation, and Establishing And Implementation of Quality Process Control Management System.

  SZMC vigorously advocates and creates the corporate culture based on the core values of "Commonly taking responsibilities, commonly making values and commonly sharing achievements", is committed to creating a eager-learning atmosphere, establishing "Iron-like Soul" company spirit that has strict disciplines and humanistic management in harmony and balance and sticks to the people-oriented principle to focus both on business development and the interests of employees, who shall be provided with a good platform for career development and achieve common development with the company.


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